Dark Sun: Fire & Ice

Raiders of the Chanth

To rescue Vala.

Fleeing Tyr during the riots, the party soon found themselves on the road to Altaruk.They were ambushed in The Great Alluvial Sand Wastes by a group of B’rogh. That combat was nearly the end of them and two of their number [Garrik and Urggos] didn’t not make it out alive.

In Altaruk they learned templars of Tyr had been sighted on the same road they’d just taken. Further, the leader of Altaruk, Arisphinstanles, proved to be a member of the Veiled Alliance. He informed them their contact, Vala, had been taken by a mysterious group of raiders who were based on an isle in the Sea of Silt.

Pursuing this lead, the PCs discovered the ruins of an ancient tower where the raiders had made camp. It took two assaults until they were eventually able to penetrate the lower depths of the ruin. Now, they wait for the final battle with the entity that leads the raiders, a mysterious creature calling itself The Chanth.


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