Bone Crusher

Human Gladiator


Bone Crusher was owned and trained as part of the infamous Crusher line. While humans are usually outclassed in the gladiator ring, Bone Crusher distinguished himself with his tenacity in combat along with his intense hatred for Templars and other authority figures whom he perceived as the cause of his misery. Eventually he was sold to the Veiled Alliance to act as a body guard for their members. A duty Bone Crusher is only too happy to provide.


Hej-Fink is the owner of a gladiator school in Tyr. There he produces a line of gladiators all with the Crusher somewhere in their name. Hej-Fink will purchase young boys around 3 or 4 years of age and begin the years of training, discipline, and abuse necessary to produce what Hej-Fink thinks will make the ultimate warrior.

While most boy slaves are castrated prepubescent to preserve their boyishness, Hej-Fink will castrate his slaves after gaining their masculinity, sometime in their 16th or 17th year. Hej-Fink does not want his gladiators distracted by sex or any other desire. Their only thought should be survival and victory.

After a gladiator has reached his prime, Hej-Fink likes to sell them off. He never wants to fight a gladiator too long for they will eventually loose their edge and die. While at the top of their performance they will bring a huge price, and thus Hej-Fink gains back his investment. Crusher slaves are prized as body guards and soldiers.

Bone Crusher

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