Dark Sun: Fire & Ice

The Ruined City-State

Following their rescue of vala from the being known as The Chanth, the party set out for Altaruk. There they encountered only ruins, the trading village destroyed by a mysterious Obsidian Man. Iona and Arisphistanles left a message telling the party to seek them in the city of Urik.

Urik’s Veiled Alliance turned out to be in the midst of a schism, and the meeting the PCs attended was betrayed by a spy. Templars sieged the pottery shop where the meeting was held, and the heroes fled with their lives and Iona. Arisphistanales was last seen in the collapsing building.

From Urik, they took the road east then off the beaten path. They arrived in the ruins of Yaramuke, a city state destroyed, apparently, by Hamanu of Urik many hundreds of years previous. The heroes sought a library, presumably in the palace, which they believed would show them a way to remove the collar inhibiting Iona’s psionic powers. While in the ruins, the group fell under attack by Thaxos, Templar of King Kalak. They ultimately drove him away, finding his still smoking robes the next morning — punishment from his king for his failure.

After searching for the library for hours upon hours, it was accidentally discovered that a strange gem they’d found was a psionic storehouse of memory. Ling, the halfling psionicist, activated the gem and it joined with his being. He was flooded with the memories of History’s Keepers down through the ages, some wise, some mad… all with abilities and secrets he has yet to uncover.

Deciding to head to Draj, the heroes set out once again upon the road, hoping that this City state would prove less lethal than the ones before.

Meanwhile, Iona struggles with her missing past as a series of dreams finds each of them in night. Portents, omens, who can say? Surely they are no mortal rumblings of the subconscious, but some deeper truth they have yet to guess at.

Raiders of the Chanth
To rescue Vala.

Fleeing Tyr during the riots, the party soon found themselves on the road to Altaruk.They were ambushed in The Great Alluvial Sand Wastes by a group of B’rogh. That combat was nearly the end of them and two of their number [Garrik and Urggos] didn’t not make it out alive.

In Altaruk they learned templars of Tyr had been sighted on the same road they’d just taken. Further, the leader of Altaruk, Arisphinstanles, proved to be a member of the Veiled Alliance. He informed them their contact, Vala, had been taken by a mysterious group of raiders who were based on an isle in the Sea of Silt.

Pursuing this lead, the PCs discovered the ruins of an ancient tower where the raiders had made camp. It took two assaults until they were eventually able to penetrate the lower depths of the ruin. Now, they wait for the final battle with the entity that leads the raiders, a mysterious creature calling itself The Chanth.

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