A human cleric of water


A 20-year-old human with a sturdy build, Jin does not rate particular attention among the demihumans of Dark Sun until he speaks up with wisdom beyond his years.


Born a slave in Tyr, Jin worked in the city’s fields for most of his life. He learned how to flatter the right people to get decent treatment for himself and his extended family, while hiding his budding clerical talents from his masters. When a call was put out for more slaves to work on Kalak’s ziggurat, Jin was sold to the construction slave pits, a far more dire environment. When a chance arose to change his circumstances, Jin secretly saved the life of a mage of the Veiled Alliance and asked for his own rescue from the pits in return.

After escaping the pits and meeting members of the Veiled Alliance at Garak’s tavern, Jin was promptly embroiled in a plot to rescue Iona and has been racing from one crisis to the next ever since.


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